Seijun Suzuki once said, "I don't know why directors want to lecture and talk about thier films.  They only reveal shameful parts of themselves."  That said, here are some of the more shameful moments in the career of director Seijun Suzuki.

Suzuki posing with actors Ziyi Zhang and Jo Odagiri on the set of his musical Princess Raccoon (2005)


Suzuki and the cast of Pistol Opera at official press conference

Japan, 2001

A wonderful "mindblowing" Suzuki animation. Excellent.


An artist's rendition from the lobby of the recent

"Style To Kill" film expo in Japan.

Suzuki on the set of Tokyo Nagaremono
(Tokyo Drifter / 1966)

Determined as sin on the set of Kapone Ooi Ni Naku
(Capone Crying Hard / 1985 )

Suzuki as interputted by photographer SAKATA 

Photo from Asain Cult Cinema Magazine #21

Suzuki with cig in various degrees of headwear. Smooth.

Suzuki and cast on the set of "Nikurai no Mon"

(Gate of Flesh) 1964

Suzuki-sensei and crew on set of

"Koroshi no Rakuin: Pistol Opera" (2001)

Screenshot from Criterion's Branded to Kill DVD

Interviewed at his Style To Kill retrospective 2001.


Yusaku Matsuda with director Suzuki on the set of 
Mirage Theater (1981)


Suzuki meets Pen-ek


Suzuki on the cover of the Japanese culture 'zine BUG!!

BUG!! ZINE, Vol. 3 - 2001




Suzuki accepts the Golden Lion Award Venice Film Festival, 2001


Suzuki behind the camera on the set of Yumeji (1991)

Suzuki behind the camera on the set of Pistol Opera (2001)

Seijun ponders the moment on set


That classic Suzuki smile