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!!! Jo Shishiso Action Figure !!!

Tanomi Toys Japan presents this exclusive litmited edition Jo Shishiso action figure. Its an exact rendition of Jo from his starring role in Seijun Suzuki's "Branded to Kill", down to the tiny detailed rice cooker. Sweet

A limited run of 300 figures is being produced, but none will be sold outside of Japan. So if your lucky enough to see one, buy it. This will no doubt become a one-of-a-kind Suzuki collectable.

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Seijun Suzuki Collector's Case
(DVDs not included)
This Case was designed as a tribute to the Criterion Collection's rendition of Seijun Suzuki's Masterpieces "Tokyo Drifter" & "Branded to Kill". I personally own one, and they are a nice way to proudly display your Suzuki DVD collection..
CINEMANIA REEL8 - STYLE TO KILL -Koroshino Style- (Japan Ver.)

An awesome collection of orginal and inspired soundtrack music from the golden age of Nikkatsu's Youth Gone Wild Gangster films. This one is a Japanese import but is easily found at most local import stores or online sites. For a complete track listing and great price look no further. (Polystar CD: PSCR-5937)

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In The Mood For Love (2000 Film) [SOUNDTRACK] -

This film is not by Seijun Suzuki, but used the theme from Suzuki's film Yumeji's (1991) for it's main theme. Yumeji's theme is quite haunting and nostalgic, which makes it the perfect counterpoint to Kar-wai Wong timeless love story.

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Deep Seijun Soundtrack (2000 Film) [SOUNDTRACK] -
The sountrack collection to the 2000 film retrospective Deep Seijun. Also included is info buying on the soundtracks to his other 80's films Zigeunerweisen, Mirage Theater and Yumeji.
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