The best thing about the films of Seijun Suzuki is how they just drip with ultra coolness.  One of the big reasons for this is the amazing 60's jazz soundtracks that backed up most of Suzuki's "Youth Gone Wild" and Yakuza ganster flicks.  Unfortunitly, very few soundtrack albums have ever been released for Suzuki's Nikkatsu Studio films, largely because they were seen as throw away pictures to begin with.  Well cry no longer, for below are remastered mp3's with music from all your favorite Suzuki films, taken directly from the movies themselves.  While this does leave the occasional line of dialoge or gun shot in, I  believe it only adds to the fun.  Enjoy.


[Tokyo Nagaremono] 1966
Tetsuya Watari - Chieko Matsubara

While not on par with Branded To Kill's soundtrack, Tokyo Drifter has one special plus, Pop Music! The song "Furi Furi" was a popular hit from a GS (group sound) band named The Spiders. As well as The Spiders, the lead actor Tetsuya Watari also sung his own theme song for the film, but not before long hours of voice coaching. Other notiable tracks include "Hard Boiled Music Cue" and "Cherche Le Vagabond", sung by co-star and love intrest Chieko Matsubara. Again, you'll find the ocassional gunshot or line of dialoge here and there but it just adds to the absurdity.



1. Nikkatsu Theme / Drifter Theme Instrumental   (Lyrics)
2. Toyko Drifter - Main Theme
3. Furi Furi - The Spiders (unavailable)
4. Cherche Le Vagabond
5. Hard Boiled Music Cue
6. The Scrap Yard - Theme Reprise
7. Charmed Lady (unavailable)
8. Snowcaps and Neck Snaps (unavailable)
9. 10 Meters (unavailable)
10. A Stranger Arrives (unavailable)
11. Drifter Love Theme - Theme Reprise
12. Tetsuya Is Dead
13. Drifting Drifter "A Drifter Needs No Woman"
14. The End - Theme Reprise


Here are a few cd covers I've created to make your own Suzuki soundtrack cd entitled "No.3 Branded Music - Yellow Ballons and Bullets." Download, print, ENJOY.

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