Asian Cinema Weekly

A great site for recent news on everything from film festivals, movie releases and indepth interviews. Extensive links section.

The Midnight Eye

Simple put...The latest and greatest in Japanese cinema can be found here. Weekly film reviews, interviews and news from a talented and dedicated staff of writers. Sign up for the newsletter!!!


Yaju no Webpage

Joe Shishido is the dynamic, chipmunk-cheeked star of such Suzuki classics as Youth of the Beast and Branded to Kill.  Learn more about the diverse career of this under-appreciated Japanese superstar.

Nikkatsu Action Lounge

From the creators of Yaju no Webpage is the ever-growing uber-encyclopedia to the films, actors and directors of the golden age of gangster films at Nikkatsu Studios.

The offical website of Seijun Suzuki's former film company Nikkatsu Studios.

Cashiers du Cinemart

A 90's cult twist on the classic film journal Cashiers du Cinema.

Kinema Club - Japanese film and Television Database

Kinema Club is devoted to the study of Japanese moving image media, and is produced through the collaboration of many scholars around the world.

The Criterion Collection

The official site of the creators of  the "Branded to Kill" and "Tokyo Drifter" DVD's.

The Internet Movie Database

This is the digital bible to everything entertainment.  That said, its information on Seijun Suzuki as well as most foreign cinema is sketchy at best. Use at your own risk and check your sources.